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Dynamic Digital Radiography

Environmental Activities for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth

Shimadzu Corporation and Konica Minolta, Inc. collaborated on the development of Dynamic Digital Radiology (DDR) incorporating Konica Minolta’s new advanced image processing and Shimadzu’s RADspeed Pro radiographic imaging system. DDR is an enhanced X-ray technology that provides a series of individual digital images acquired at high speed and low dose. The resulting cine loop enables clinicians to observe the dynamic motion of anatomical structures over time, enhancing diagnostic capabilities. The motion series can be analyzed and quantified with the DDR advanced image processing capability.

  • DDR = Anatomical Info + Functional Info combined in a first-line test.
  • Available in a general X-ray room, with Shimadzu RADspeed Pro
  • Exposure time is relatively short compared to CT
  • No contrast agent is required
  • Dose equivalent to a AP/ lateral chest X-ray (1.9mGy)
  • Whole thoracic region can be observed one exposure
Exposure condition (example)
  • Tube Voltage:100kV
  • Pulse Rate:15 frame/s
  • Pixel Size:0.4mm (1,024x1,024 pixel ≒ 40x40 cm)
  • Exposure Duration:10~20 sec (normal breathing x 3)
Dose (Entrance Surface Dose)
  • Dose per frame ≒ 7μGy/frame
  • Normal body thickness/15fps/15sec:≒ 1.5mGy
    *1.9mGy(≒0.23mSv) ⇔ IAEA Reference level for PA+LAT Static X-ray

DDR Clinical data

DDR chest image

Frequency Enhancement image

DDR chest image diaphragm motion tracking

DDR Clinical benefit

Multiple image processing and quantification help diagnosis such as,

  • Determine causes of dyspnea
  • Bronchiectasis and pulmonary hypertension
  • Differentiate restrictive versus obstructive lung disease
  • Identifying pulmonary dysfunction location is hard with spirometry, static images or CT.
  • DDR for Orthopedics: Detecting musculoskeletal injury by movement.
Environmental Activities for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth
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