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May 12, 2020

Shimadzu SONIALVISION G4 installed at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center

Shimadzu Medical Systems USA announces the latest SONIALVISION G4 installation at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in Hutchinson, KS.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center has acquired the SONIALVISION G4 R/F table system with Shimadzu’s Breakthrough Technologies. Advanced applications available on this unit include: RSM/DSA, SLOT Advance, Tomosynthesis and T-Smart. The system also has a TIMS DICOM Review Software (TDRS) for speech pathology.

The SONIALVISION G4 is designed to perform a wide variety of examinations – angiography, endoscopy, video fluoroscopy for gastrointestinal series and swallowing exams, orthopedic exams, and general radiography. It acquires high image quality images rapidly and uses low radiation dose levels. Its new ergonomic design is patient safety- and hygiene-focused, accommodates all sizes of ambulatory and stretcher/wheelchair confined patients, and offers workflow-efficiency features to help improve technologist productivity.

The system combines a 17” x 17” flat panel detector (FPD) with Shimadzu’s next generation digital imaging platform. It is easily switchable from large-to-small field-of-view and covers a range of imaging from fingertips to the entire chest or abdomen. Also, the wide 202.5 cm movement range of the SONIALVISION G4 can capture images of the entire body without moving the patient.

Various real-time digital filtering processes effectively suppress halation near skin surfaces and around shadows where organs overlap. Smoother imaging is achieved with no delay or image lags by applying optimal digital filtering and extracting noise components. Used in long spine and limb imaging, Shimadzu’s SLOT BEAM functionality is an advanced application option with its lower dose profile, SLOT BEAM is an excellent choice for both pediatrics and orthopedics.

The SONIALVISION G4 supports angiography procedures with its wide clean design, and its large field of view enables digital subtraction angiography (DSA) to be used for examinations ranging from the hepatic artery to the entire lower extremities. RSM/DSA, another Shimadzu exclusive Breakthrough Technology, allows for DSA even if the patient moves due to contrast injection.

The system design of the G4 also provides a productive and comfortable workflow to enhance convenience and operability for the technologists who use it. Its high-speed dual processor can simultaneously resolve images, register patient information, and perform other functions quickly without interfering with the examination being performed. The number of operating steps a technologist needs to perform during an examination is significantly reduced because the X-ray generator, R/F table and digital processor are all linked and communicating.

About Hutchinson Regional Medical Center

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center is a not-for-profit, 190-licensed bed medical facility serving the health needs of more than 65,000 residents of Hutchinson, Reno County and the surrounding Central Kansas region.

Our pioneering spirit has made us leaders in the health care field. The talent employed at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center is stronger than that often found in larger metropolitan hospitals. We’ve received worldwide attention for medical and technological engineering advancements. To learn more visit: www.hutchregional.com

About Shimadzu

Shimadzu Corporation, founded in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan and the parent of Shimadzu Medical Systems USA (SMS), is a global provider of medical diagnostic equipment including conventional, interventional and digital X-Ray systems. Shimadzu Medical Systems USA is headquartered in Torrance, California with Sales and Service offices throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. Its sales and marketing office is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and has direct operations headquartered in Dallas, Texas and Kenmore, Washington. Visit Shimadzu Medical Systems USA at www.shimadzu-usa.com or call (800) 228-1429.

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