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Shimadzu Medical System's Response to COVID-19

Mobile X-Ray System for Infection Control

During a pandemic infection, it is expected that the existing X-ray room will not be available to maintain isolation between infected and uninfected people, therefore it is necessary to prepare new isolated area(s) inside the hospital, or outside in tented controlled spaces, and to have an X-Ray system that can be operated in that area.

For more details, please visit our MobileDaRt MX8 product page: http://www.shimadzu-usa.com/products/mobile/mobiledart_evo_mx8.html

Mobile X-Ray System for Infection Control (PDF 2.17 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Shimadzu Medical Systems USA has taken measures to help our employees protect themselves, their families and our communities. We maintain close communication with our regional and global risk management teams while abroad.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our COVID-19 response team COVID19SPECIALRESPONSE@shimadzu-usa.com.

What Shimadzu product(s) are being used during a pandemic infection?

Any Shimadzu Digital Mobile X-Ray system can assist in diagnosing the COVID-19 virus in patients, however Shimadzu’s MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 due to its extreme portability and ruggedness is your optimal solution for emergencies enabling X-Ray imaging in almost any area.

Are protective covers available for the MobileDaRt MX8?

Shimadzu offers Infectious Disease Protectives covers that contain a drape cover, dome cover, and drape sheet. Please contact your authorized Shimadzu local representative, or COVID19SPECIALRESPONSE@shimadzu-usa.com for availability.

Mobile X-Ray System Covers for Infection Control (PDF 1.78 MB)

What disinfectant agents are recommended for X-Ray Mobiles and other radiology systems?

Shimadzu Medical Systems emphasizes disinfecting and cleaning equipment at all time, however, this step becomes crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specific cleaning and disinfecting agents for material compatibility have been tested on Shimadzu products only. Use of these agents do not guarantee cleaning or disinfection efficacy and none have been tested by Shimadzu Medical Systems for use with the COVID-19 virus. Please follow the procedure and policies of your institution for the cleaning and disinfection of equipment.

Shimadzu Medical Equipment Cleaning Instructions (PDF 239 KB)

What environmental conditions are recommended for the MX8 installation (usage)?
  • Atmosphere: No explosive or corrosive gases
  • Ambient temperature: 5°C to 35°C
  • Relative humidity: 30% to 80% (no dew condensation)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 800 hPa to 1060 hPa
  • Environment luminosity: 150 lx to 500 lx
Are there finished goods shortages coming from or routed through logistics hubs in impacted areas

Currently we are taking orders for the MobileDaRt X-ray mobile systems as well as our RF and IXR product offerings. We are fulfilling all orders as the products become available either from our US inventory or from our overseas factories. Please check with your local Shimadzu Office for availability of any product

What is Shimadzu doing to address COVID-19?

We update our dealers, customers and staff on the latest COVID-19 and SMS protocols via social media and on a dedicated COVID page on our North American website: www.shimadzu-usa.com

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